Val is always accompanied by superb musicians whose credentials speak for themselves...









Charlie Lewis - Piano/Kbd
(Yes, THE Charlie Lewis!)

Andres Olinder - Piano/Kbd
(Peter Gabriel, Pee Wee Ellis, Courtney Pine, Glen Hughes (Deep Purple))

James Cheetham - Piano/Kbd                            
(Tina May, Arthur Brown, Pretty Things, Tom Law Quartet,)

Henry Thomas - Bass (electric & acoustic)                                 
(BBC Rock school, Herbie Hancock, Randy Crawford, Sarah Jane Morris, Allan Holdsworth, Crusaders, Van Morrison, Paul Weller, Hot Chocolate, The BBC Jazz Orchestra ..)

Dom Pizzinat - Drums
( Isaac Hayes, George Carl (US), Patrick Sebastien (FR), Marie Myriam (FR), Jacques Anthonin (Canada), Antoine Tome (FR), Amanda Ambrose (US)

And for the Quintet

Carl Sterling - Sax
(Maroon Town, The Streets, The Mitchell Bros, Culture Club, Leona Jackson (X Factor), Girls Aloud)


Other musicians Val has performed with:

Ian Shaw, Gill Manly, Georgio Mancio, Jonathan Gee, Rob Terry, Sean Hargreaves, Bennet Mclean, Roger Carey, Terry Pack, Paolo Bassi, Kevin Briggs, Heidi Vogel, Bukky Leo, Davide Mantovani, Claudio Celada, Marc Peillon, Paul Booth, Tom Cawley, Robert Mitchell, David Batelli, Simon Bates, Gianluca Chiarella, Alex Bennett, Silvio Bassi, Tony Qunta, Enrico Pinna, Steven James Hall, Alex Wilson, Rob Rickenberg, George Anthony, Paul Hayden, Joe Corrigan, Nixon Rosemberg ....

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